A Hunting We Will Go – Treasure Hunting, That Is

What do Minnesotans do when the temps finally get up in the high 30s or even, gasp, the 40s? They head outside in droves! You will see tons of people out running and walking – there were a few hard-core folks out running in the bitterly cold weather, but they were the exception, not the rule. You will even see some people out in short sleeves and sandals.

I should be clear, we do go outside in the winter. Most of us probably don’t stay outside as long or spend time outside as often during the coldest part of the winter, though. After a lengthy cold spell, it is such sweet relief to reach some temperatures above freezing!

Full disclosure: the day described in this post was about a week and a half ago. Now we’ve had another snowstorm. Ah, Minnesota, what’s not to love?

My husband recently had an idea for something fun we could do as a family – geocaching. I know a few people who do this, but we had never tried before. We decided to head out on a treasure hunt.

My husband consulted an application on his phone to find out where geocaches had been hidden.

Consult the GPS:

Search the area:

Success! We found two geocaches.

Geocaching etiquette dictates that if you take something, you leave something. M & G each chose to take an item, and we left two items in return. (That was fun in and of itself, picking out what kinds of treasures we would bring along to leave for someone else to find.) We wrote in a little logbook at each site, indicating the name of our group and what we had left.

We proceeded to traipse around the woods, looking for the next site.

Sadly, we did not find the treasure in the woods. We moved on to the next area. We all spent quite a while around, under, and up this particular tree.

This is like Where’s Waldo. See if you can find the kids in the tree. 🙂

After a lot of fruitless searching in this area, M & G moved on to other things.

In the end, we found two geocaches and did not find the other two that we were looking for. We will have to go out and try again another day. There are tons of geocaches in our community, and all over the world. What a fun game!

It was a fun new way to enjoy the great outdoors on a beautiful day!


2 thoughts on “A Hunting We Will Go – Treasure Hunting, That Is

  1. My two darlings did some geocaching last summer when their Iowa cousins came to visit. They had a great time. Boy Scouts are now able to earn a merit badge for geocaching. Love the blog!

    • Thanks Clara! I bet they had a great time with their cousins. It would be an even greater adventure in the mountains. Mountains are pretty exotic to us, you know.

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