Dad’s Birthday, Long Run, Nice Weekend

Last weekend was my dad’s birthday, and we headed up to visit for the occasion. As I mentioned last week, my dad has Type II Diabetes. I wanted to make a treat for him, but I didn’t want to bring something that he shouldn’t eat.

I sought out a dessert recipe that was recommended for diabetics, and I decided to try this Banana Split Cake. It was super easy to make, and we enjoyed it. My mom wants the recipe; I think that means it was a success.

Banana Split Cake
6 1/2 graham cracker sheets (two 1 1/2-inch squares per sheet)
1 ounce sugar-free, instant vanilla pudding mix
2 cups fat-free milk
8 ounces light cream cheese
10 ounces canned, crushed pineapple packed in juice, drained
4 medium bananas, sliced
8-ounce container light whipped topping
3 tablespoons pecans, chopped

Cover the bottom of a 9×13-inch pan with graham cracker sheets.
In a medium bowl, prepare pudding with 2 cups fat-free milk, according to package directions. Add cream cheese to pudding and whip together. Spread pudding mixture over graham crackers.
Spread the crushed pineapple over the pudding layer and top with bananas, then spread whipped topping. Sprinkle pecans on top.

It was so nice to see my parents and to celebrate another birthday with my dad. Monday was my parents’ wedding anniversary; they have a lot to celebrate each February. πŸ™‚

In other news, I did my longest run to date for my half-marathon training. The schedule called for 8 miles. I set up my Garmin to alert me for each run/walk interval (since I’m following Jeff Galloway’s recommendations, which include taking walking breaks). I estimated how many repetitions I would need to do to reach eight miles, and I didn’t know how far I had gone until I was completely done. It turned out I did 9.16 miles. My farthest distance in a long time. Granted, I was including walk breaks, but the fact remains that I traveled over 9 miles. Woo hoo!

We all had Monday off for President’s Day, and we had a great time playing out in the snow, playing our new Monopoly card game and just hanging out together. It was a nice long weekend.

I hope you had a nice weekend. Did you do anything fun?


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