Running in the living room, and other news this week

If you’ve been reading, you know that both my children were sick last week. They have been well this week, but now my husband has been sick. I’ve felt so bad for everyone. Thankfully, I haven’t caught it, whatever virus it is. Things can get pretty rough when mom gets sick. I’ve been here to cook, clean, launder, disinfect, and try to keep everyone supplied with what they need. For one family member, nothing sounded good but pancakes. For another, it was ramen noodle soup. When you’re sick, sometimes you just need that one thing that appeals to you in order to eat anything at all.

A minor effect of all this sickness is that it has been hard for me to get out to run. While my husband has been sick, I haven’t gone to the track at all. I want him to be able to rest as much as possible, so I haven’t gone off leaving him with alone with our children. They are awesome kids, but they aren’t into quiet and restful. I suspect that’s pretty typical. Kids seem to be pretty energetic creatures.

I didn’t want to miss my runs altogether and get too far off track for my half-marathon training, so… I have done two 30 minute “runs” in my living room. No treadmill. Just running in place or around the room in small loops. I am quite sure it isn’t the same, but I hope it’s better than nothing. I sincerely hope that I can manage to go to the track sometime over the weekend. 6.5 miles in the living room is not appealing! I know I can exercise in other ways, but I have really found that even cardio workout dvd’s are not the same as running, so I tried to simulate a run the best I could here in my house (after everyone else was in bed). If not for following a schedule and preparing for a particular event, I wouldn’t be so set on running, but I am really really trying to stick to this schedule.

I have also been keeping up my sit-ups and push-ups, doing 36 sit-ups per day and 12 push-ups per day so far. My push-up goal called for 11 per day, but for whatever reason, I prefer to make it an even dozen.

Last night I tried out a quiche recipe from Healthy Tipping Point: Southwestern Cornbread Quiche. After discovering I liked sweet potatoes in my fajitas, I decided to cook up a side of sweet potatoes to go with the quiche. I figured that would be a similar flavor combination.

I thought it was good! If I make it again, I think I will play around with it a little, try adding some onion and/or hot pepper into the egg mixture. I like to bring the heat. 🙂

Regarding the missed runs, what would you do in this situation? I’m sure this won’t be the only time that it becomes difficult to squeeze in those runs.


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