Fun for free

Would I like to go on rides at Nickelodeon Universe for free? Yes, please. I do believe I will.

Last week, the following invitation from Nickelodeon Universe spread like wildfire over various email groups. (A sincere thanks to everyone who forwarded the email to me. I’m very glad that I knew about this deal!)

We’re filming a new commercial and want the park to be hoppin’ so join in the fun! Starting at noon, guests will be able to ride for free until 4 p.m. when unlimited ride wristbands and point passes must be purchased to continue riding.

I wasn’t at all sure if we’d be able to go. We had a busy week in store. Then after getting a lot of work done the day before this offer, and our schoolwork having gone smoothly up ’til that point, I decided we ought to take advantage of the opportunity. Deals like this don’t come along every day!

It was a win-win situation. We got to enjoy the amusement park rides for free for the afternoon, and they got the atmosphere they wanted to display in their commercial. Why they didn’t film on the weekend, when they are always packed, I don’t know… Maybe it costs more to get a crew to come in for filming on the weekend. Who knows?

Of all the rides in the park, I was surprised where my children headed first.

And we don’t even watch Sponge Bob! (We don’t have Nickelodeon, to tell the truth.) No complaints out of me, though. If they want to hop in a bouncy house, that’s just fine with me. I got to try it at a birthday party. It’s fun. 🙂

Another popular one with my children is Ghost Blasters. They went on this one more than once.

A couple times on the bumper cars…

I rode next to G. on the carousel. He chose a really great dragon. If I wanted to sit next to him, which I did, I was left with a cat. He rubbed it in a little. Here I am…

Both M. and G. got to go on a lot of rides. I went on some with them, but more often I watched them from the sidelines. They had a great time! We ran into several families we know while we were there, which was fun too.

As long as we were at the mall again (it’s practically unheard of for us to go to Mall of America two weeks in a row), we stopped off at Underwater Adventures before heading home. That annual membership has already paid for itself. I knew that was a good idea. 🙂

Don’t you just love a great deal?


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