An Educational Experience, Indeed

Last weekend, we gathered with my husband’s family to celebrate Christmas together.  We had a very nice time – cooking and eating, playing games, exchanging gifts, and just being together.  If I’ve never mentioned it, I’ll tell you right now:  my husband has a really great family! 

We added a new activity to the agenda this year – a wine tasting.  Those participating were to bring a wine that he or she likes and prepare a presentation on that wine – what type of grapes, where the grapes were grown, what aromas and tastes the wine has, what foods the wine pairs well with, etc.  We each had a scoresheet to record our observations about each wine and make note of our preferences as we tasted each selection. 

You can see the prices of the wines on my notes, but we didn’t reveal prices until after we had tried them all.  An expensive wine isn’t necessarily better.   🙂 

We had a fun time with it, and I think we all learned something! I know I did, but I am not a wine connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination.  I jotted down some notes about a few that I would like to try again. 

I think I’ll try my favorites with the types of meals recommended.  Sometimes the right food and drink pairing brings out the best in both.

There was also some talk of a sit-up challenge in February.  By mentioning it here:

1)I may be more likely to remember to set a goal and do it, and

2)I am making myself accountable to those of you reading.  Now I better do it, right?

Anyone want to join us for a sit-up challenge?


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