A Mixed Bag Today

Today is a strange day for me. A little background – the last time my son had his routine immunizations, he had an allergic reaction. This year he is due for those same immunizations. The first dilemma – since he received several shots at one time, it is not possible to know with certainty which immunization caused the reaction. The second dilemma – if it is not a severe reaction, is it better to go ahead and inject something into his body that he is at least somewhat allergic to, or to risk not having the immunization at all?

These questions have plagued me leading up to his well-child examination this year. What to do, what to do? Based on the location of the most severe inflammation following those previous shots, the pediatrician is relatively sure that it was the D-TaP that caused the problem. She recommended giving his immunizations one at a time, and she plans to watch him closely after the D-TaP. So, he had his varicella immunization in November, his MMR in December, and today will be the D-TaP. I am so thankful that he has done fine with the varicella and MMR, no allergic reactions. He will be taking Benadryl before today’s shot, at the recommendation of his pediatrician, and she will be monitoring him for any reaction. I appreciate our pediatrician’s approach, and I hope that his shot will be completely without incident.

I realize that this topic can be controversial. I am speaking only as a mom concerned for her son. After all, who would want to intentionally expose oneself to an allergen, right? That’s not just me, is it? Yet, I want him to be protected from the illnesses themselves. I hope the doc’s plan allows for continued protection from illness without any issue from the shot itself.

Anyway… in addition to this situation that makes me a tad bit nervous, it is my daughter’s birthday today! Talk about a mixed bag!

It was eight years ago today that my world forever changed. I became a mother and learned that the saying is true:

“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”
~Elizabeth Stone

Totally true. My little girl brings so much sunshine to my life. She is a true blessing, and I can hardly believe she is turning eight today!

So, today I will be concerned for my sweet little boy, celebrating my darling girl’s birthday, and of course, getting through the usual day to day things. A big day, indeed.

Keep us in your thoughts today, please. I will let you know how it went, which I expect to be fine, but I’ll still be happier after it’s over!! Thank you, and happy Monday to you!!


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