The Jelly Roll Experience

Does that seem like an exaggeration, calling a jelly roll an experience? Since a jelly roll pretty much took over my Sunday, I think it’s fair to call it an experience.

My daughter has a birthday coming up soon, and we had checked out this fun book from the library for cake ideas.

Amazing! These same women, Liv and Kaye Hansen, also put out a cake book that is not kid-oriented. If you are into cake decorating, you may want to check out their work. So fun!

Anyway, my daughter was interested in a fairy cake that starts with a citrus sponge roll. I’ve never made a sponge roll in my life, nor do I have a proper pan for a sponge cake. Will I let that stop me? No way! However, since I’m not totally crazy confident about the sponge cake, I decided I’d better make a practice cake before her birthday.

My daughter and I headed out with a shopping list and hit two grocery stores and a craft store, gathering up the necessary supplies and ingredients. We then came home to make the practice cake. She had good intentions of helping with the cake, but alas, her dad and brother were watching a horse movie when we got home. She never stood a chance. (The girl LOVES anything to do with horses.)

That left me with my recipe, ingredients, mixer and brand new jelly roll pan. Good times! I whipped eggs for what felt like a few hours.

I baked the sponge cake.

I spread the whipped cream I had just made (as if I hadn’t had enough time with my hand mixer already) and rolled it up.

After freezing it for about an hour, I frosted it.

I didn’t go all out with decorating the cake for my practice run. This was an experiment to see 1) if I could successfully make a citrus sponge cake, and 2) if my daughter actually liked it.

We sampled the cake for dessert, and well, it was kind of strange. It sort of tasted like it should have ham and cheese rolled up in it rather than whipped cream or jelly. It did have eight eggs in it; maybe I should have known. I don’t know if it was me and my execution of the recipe, or if this particular recipe just isn’t for us. It wouldn’t stop me from trying a different recipe from the book. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t what I expected.

My daughter has decided she does not want this cake for her birthday after all. Oh well. It was an experience.

What do YOU think of sponge rolls?


3 thoughts on “The Jelly Roll Experience

    • It looks good, right? It was just so “eggy” tasting. Now that I have the pan, I will be looking at other recipes to try. There has to be a version that we will like better. 🙂

  1. I think she still wants to go with the woodland fairy idea, but it will either be a loaf shaped cake decorated as the log and fairies, or maybe we’ll come up with a different sponge roll. More likely the loaf, I think.

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