Very Last First Time

What a fun concept!

This is a book my kids and I are reading for school this week. Their first reaction was to wonder how it could be both the first AND last time for anything. Catchy title, isn’t it?

This is the story of a girl in northern Canada, going to collect mussels from under the ice while the tide is out. This will be her first time to do so alone. The idea of going through a hole, under the frozen surface, and walking around on the sea bed both intrigues and frightens me. It’s definitely important to know when the tide will be coming in! It is easy to see that it’s not a safe activity for very young children to do alone. I had never heard of this before, and I find it fascinating.

Of course, by the end of the story, my children had grown to understand the concept of the very last first time. It can only be the first time once. We talked about things they had experienced for the “very last first time,” such as riding a horse and riding a bicycle without training wheels. In the coming years, they will experience more and more of these moments. It is my job as their mother to give them opportunities to do more and more things independently as they prepare to go out on their own one day. (Sniff, sniff. Getting misty at the thought of it.)

I have enjoyed thinking about the idea of the very last first time. Thinking back, I can remember several things I looked forward to doing for the very last first time.

* Make a meal on my own.
* Drive a car.
* Get a job.
* Leave the nest and going off to college.
* Get married. (First and only time!)
* Buy a home.
* Have a baby. (Of course, each baby is unique!)

There are some things that I am hoping to do for the very last first time this year:

* Use my passport.
* Run a half-marathon.

What did you look forward to doing for the very last first time? What things are you currently looking forward to?


4 thoughts on “Very Last First Time

    • We’re thinking somewhere in Central America… maybe Costa Rica or Belize. There are SO many places on my wish list for someday… We now have to use a passport to return from Canada, I believe, so if nothing else, maybe I’ll head to Canada just so I can use it! 🙂

    • Yes, sometimes that can be a little sad, but there are always new things to look forward to.

      What a great goal to run your first race this year! I didn’t start running until my kids were 5 and 3, so running shortly after having a baby was not something I experienced. I do know someone who continued running up to a few days before her baby’s birth, and she got back out there pretty quickly. You ladies impress me! 🙂

      I look forward to seeing your baby news soon. 🙂

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