A Day Well Spent

I thought yesterday might be rough, being the first day back to routine following a two-week break, but I think it was a day well spent.

We started the day with homeschool for the kids. I thought it might be hard to buckle down and focus after our break, but it actually went really smoothly. Hurray!

I got some things done around the house.

Played with my kids.

Tried out a new recipe for dinner – fish tacos. It was my first time to make fish tacos, and it was only my second time to eat fish tacos. Honestly, the idea never occurred to me until my husband took me out to Barrio. The food was so good! Definitely not how I imagined fish tacos to look or taste. Anyway, I gave it a go at home, and my husband and I enjoyed them. Our kids, on the other hand, opted for cheese in their tortillas instead, with the veggies on the side. They skipped the fish altogether. This is the recipe.

We read a chapter of Prince Caspian, then I headed over to the track for my first run of 2011, which happened to be my first run on my half-marathon training plan. (So excited to get started!)

What a great day!


3 thoughts on “A Day Well Spent

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