Christmas 2010

Well, now that I’ve gotten the Fargo Marathon issue off my chest, I’d like to share a little bit about our Christmas. I still haven’t decided about Fargo, but I will let you know. Thanks to those who have offered opinions, both here and on Facebook. I appreciate it. 🙂

Looking back on our Christmas holiday, we had a very nice Christmas Eve…

We started the day with Carrot Cake Oatmeal (you can find the recipe at Oh She Glows). Seriously delicious. And I got to use up a few carrots. Bonus!

We had gotten a few more inches of snow (most snow on record for December!), so my husband and I got to work. As usual, he used the snowblower on the driveway, and I did some shoveling on steps and walkways. My husband also showed me how to do operate the snowblower, and I did a couple rows of the driveway. (Up until Christmas Eve, I had never touched it! He thought I should get acquainted with it, and I suppose he’s right…)

While I was shoveling the stairway that leads from our driveway down to the backyard, a red fox darted out and headed for the hills. Or, more accurately, he followed my daughter’s “snow princess expressway,” then ran down the street. Why don’t I keep a camera on me while shoveling? I would have liked to get a picture of the fox!

Before heading in, I went on a guided tour of the aforementioned expressway. It’s pretty hard work for a child to trudge through all that snow. My daughter worked hard to tramp down paths throughout the yard, and she made little snow chairs and benches here and there. Very cute. And practical. It will be much easier for the kids to get around now.

While my husband finished up, the kids and I made a pizza for lunch: whole wheat crust, three-fourths pepperoni and one-fourth cheese. We had a cucumber salad with our pizza. Yum!

During the afternoon, we read a couple chapters of “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe,” watched “The Grinch,” went sledding, and set up our luminaries.

I made our Christmas dinner of roast beef, carrots, parsnips, and scalloped turnips. (Sadly lacking in leafy greens, I know, but I want to use what we have, and how much food do we really need for four people?) No time to linger…

We headed to church for our candlelight Christmas Eve service. It was lovely.

Came home and opened presents. We stayed up too late playing Operation and Legos. My husband and I attempted to watch a new movie I had given him after putting the kids to bed but couldn’t stay awake. Is that old age setting in? 😉

It was a very good Christmas Eve. I actually used the word “perfect” when thinking back over the day.

Sadly, Christmas Day wasn’t so good for us. My son was sick. We stayed home and I spent the rest of the weekend diligently washing and disinfecting everything in sight. I was SO GLAD that we had celebrated on Christmas Eve. Thankfully, it was a one day sickness for him, and no one else in the family got sick. Yay! We still have more fun times ahead this week before diving back into the normal routine next week. Still looking forward to another Christmas celebration with extended family in January as well!

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas weekend!


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