Good Business

Chances are, calling the plumber isn’t part of your ideal day. Mine either. Actually, this was the first time I’ve had to call a plumber in eight years of owning a home, so maybe I should count myself lucky.

I found myself needing the assistance of a plumber (the shower leaked into the basement – yikes), and as luck would have it, I got a nifty little postcard in the mail advertising a plumbing service. It just so happened, it was from one of the plumbers recommended by a friend, so it was especially welcome.

Check out the postcard:

How great is that? I was happy to give my business to a company that’s making an effort to help our community. I packed up a bag of non-perishables for their food drive, our shower is fixed, and I got a discount to boot. If my shower had to break, this was a pretty good experience.

Have you seen anything like this? Would something like this make you more likely to patronize a business?


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