It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

It really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here. We definitely have enough snow for a white Christmas.
I think the deck is actually a little more buried now than it was on Saturday. The snow is all the way up to the level of the bench. We did clear our driveway and front entry, but the deck will just have to wait for a warmer day. It’s -3* this morning (yes, that’s negative three degrees, brr), and it didn’t get much warmer than that all day yesterday.

I broke out my socks that I only wear at Christmastime; I’m sure you can see why.

We put up our little tree on Saturday and decorated it almost entirely with ornaments we made.

I got Christmas cards ready on Sunday and mailed them on Monday.

My husband and I both come from big families, and many of our aunts and uncles live far away. I look forward to exchanging Christmas cards with them and with other friends and family that we don’t get to see often. I enjoy receiving pictures from loved ones, seeing how much the kids have grown, and hearing what everyone has been up to. For me, this is also a time to remember what Christmas is all about. I like to make or buy cards that reflect the true meaning of Christmas, Jesus’ birth, so the simple act of sitting down to write up my cards provides me with an opportunity to consider the awesome gift we received on that first Christmas.

I have a few more presents to make or buy, and I still have to wrap the presents I have already purchased. I’m getting there.

Whether or not I get everything done that I have in mind, Christmas will arrive right on time. In the grand scheme of things, my plans and preparations for Christmas really don’t matter very much. The most important part of Christmas was already accomplished, many years ago.

I hope you are enjoying this Christmas season!


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