Orange Chicken!

Last night was my first attempt at making orange chicken at home.  Up until now, it was something we only had when eating out, and it’s a favorite of my children.  I’m happy to say that orange chicken at home was a success! 

The verdict:  My son said it did not taste the same as it does at the restaurant, but that he liked it.  My daughter said it was great, and she gobbled it up.  My husband said it was better than restaurant orange chicken.  I enjoyed it as well.  I would call that a success!

Dining in not only saves us money, but it also allows me to know exactly what ingredients were used.  I like that. 

We already do cook and eat at home most evenings, so that’s nothing new.  What is new is taking on a dish that seemed like “restaurant only” and making it possible at home.  

Are there any dishes that you enjoy that you have never tried making yourself?  Consider giving it a try.  You just might find it’s not as complicated as you thought.  


4 thoughts on “Orange Chicken!

  1. Ooh, that’s a good idea! There is a restaurant in Minneapolis that has great fish tacos, and I’ve never even considered making fish tacos at home. I think my mind will be spinning with possibilities. 🙂

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