Why I Pitch Baseballs

Let me tell you a little secret.  I am not that into baseball.  So, why do I log hundreds, perhaps thousands of pitches in my backyard each summer?

Because my little boy asks me to.

Even though I can always think of some kind of work that I could be doing – is that a load of laundry calling my name? – I really try to be present with my kids and spend time doing things that they want to do.  At this age, my children are eager to share their interests, show me what they have accomplished, tell me their concerns, and spend time doing things together.  It is my sincere hope that they will still want to share their lives with me when they’re older, and I think it’s very important that I give them the listening ear and the togetherness that they desire now.  Of course, I cannot do ALL the things they ask me to do.  We would all end up naked and starving if I didn’t make time for other responsibilities.  However, I can make a point to say “yes” to their requests often, and show them with my time and attention that they are important to me.

This brief exchange with my son yesterday warmed my heart, and I am so glad that I have spent that time pitching to him in the backyard.

Son:  Who do you think I like better, the Twins or the Vikings?

Me:  I think…  probably the Twins.

Son:  Yes!

Me:  I thought so, because you seem to like baseball more than you like football.

Son:  Yes.  I like it when you pitch to me, Mommy.

And that is why I pitch baseballs.



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