Thankful to be busy?

Yes, I think I am thankful to be busy.  Most of us find ourselves in a perpetual hurry at this time of year.  Tomorrow in the U. S., we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, a day to pause and reflect on our blessings.  The days leading up to Thanksgiving usually involve a lot of preparations.  For the Thanksgiving hosts, there is no shortage of cooking and cleaning to prepare for the big celebration.  For the guests, there is packing and traveling, often in snowy weather.  It’s just very busy.  Just as soon as Thanksgiving is past, we rush forward toward Christmas, often beginning with a shopping spree on ‘Black Friday.’  How can we pause to reflect on anything when we have so much to do?!?

I will be celebrating Thanksgiving with my in-laws tomorrow, and I am thankful to them for opening their home to us and for all the wonderful food that we will enjoy.  Although I am not hosting the big celebration, I have still been quite busy.  Some of this is related to the upcoming holidays, and some of it is just life.  I was thinking about all this rushing around, and I can see that for every task, their is a corresponding blessing. 

Shopping for and preparing food for Thanksgiving:  I am thankful for my church and this evening to gather together to worship, give thanks and enjoy fellowship with our friends and fellow believers there.  I am thankful to be spending time with family this holiday weekend.

Several medical appointments these last two weeks:  I am thankful for skilled doctors and dentists that help keep us healthy and also help us get better when we aren’t so healthy. 

Planning special Thanksgiving and Christmas activities with our homeschool group:  I am thankful for this homeschool community and the opportunity to celebrate together.

Planning lessons and helping my children with their schoolwork:  I am thankful for the time I get to spend with my children and the many opportunities for learning.

These are just a few examples.  The list goes on and on.  So, yes, I am happy to be busy.  I wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving, and I hope you can take a moment to consider your blessings, even if you find yourself busily rushing around.


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